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How to give and receive business cards.

Imagine handing your card to someone at a networking event and having it handed back to you while saying, “Thanks, but I don’t need your card.”  That’s exactly what happened to Juan, who wrote to me recently.  Juan found this pretty insulting, and he asked me how I thought someone should respond in this situation.

First, let me talk about giving and getting business cards.

As a [...]


See the world through their eyes.

It happens to all of us. Sometimes we’re so self-absorbed we’re unaware of what’s going on around us.  If that’s a temporary state of affairs, there’s nothing wrong with it.  But if it’s systematic, it presents problems for effective networking.

In a café the other day, while latte sippers were engrossed in conversation, I watched a severely disabled fellow with crutches enter. He stood just inside [...]


Switch off the inner voice.

It was a taste of my own medicine!

For years I've been preaching the importance of listening. Not just being politely quiet when the other person is speaking, but really listening. Paying attention. I've talked about listening for people rather than simply to them and shared Stephen Covey's thoughts about empathetic listening.

But listening requires work and practice, and it's easy to get distracted and stop listening without realizing it. [...]


The BNI Foundation recently launched an awareness campaign called Business Voices. Its goal is to create a powerful conduit between businesses and schools and other educational organizations. "Our aim is to start a fresh flow of resources between those who [...]

We recently caught up with Mike Zuker and Felice McEuen of BNI Referral Loop in Chicago. They talked about their journey from 13 to 29 members and two rounds of Fast Track, which has brought them to where they are [...]

Do you have trouble prioritizing all the things you need to get done? Worry no longer! Simply follow the “Rule of Three” to spend your time on what counts.

No matter how many different things you do in a week or [...]

This article originally was posted on BNI New Zealand’s new blog.  The blog is a great resource for all BNI leadership teams and members – a place to find hundreds of workshops and networking nuggets, just like the one below. [...]


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Continuous Partial Attention

"Thanks, I Don’t Need Your Card"

"Thanks, I Don’t Need Your Card"

"Thanks, I Don’t Need Your Card"

"Thanks, I Don’t Need Your Card"

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