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How I learned to appreciate the here and now.

Business conferences, as a rule, aren’t extraordinarily exciting. Generally, they don’t take your breath away.  The one I attended in Hot Springs, Virginia, in 2006 was no exception.  Mind you, it was interesting – but not exciting, except an event on one particular evening.

When a friend witnessed someone desperately choking at a restaurant, she calmly and professionally walked up to the person and swiftly did [...]


4 tips to serve up results.

The other day I bought an avocado at the store.  I carefully selected one that looked ripe. A few days later I cut open that avocado, confident it would be perfect with our Mexican dinner.

Alas, it was still hard inside, even though from the outside it looked fully ripe.  While I served half of it with our meal, it was unsatisfying and didn’t have the [...]


2 tips to make sure your goals are met.

Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik discovered that activities that are started but not completed are lodged in our minds and will only disappear from our active memory once they are completed. Incomplete activities—or unmet goals—create dissonance. It’s called the Zeignarnik Effect.

The need to finish something that we started—it is human nature. Yet so many of us toss aside our goals after only a few weeks. Or [...]


For BNI's 30th anniversary, Beth Misner, co-founder of the BNI Foundation, fondly recounts her first BNI experience, candidly telling the story of the first time she met BNI's founder, Ivan Misner (the man she would later marry). She explains why [...]

In this video Dr. Misner speaks in depth about each of BNI’s core values. Along with the five values listed below, Dr. Misner unveils two unwritten values that he thinks should be part of this list.

BNI’s core values are:
Givers Gain
Farming [...]

Often when chapters consider starting the Fast Track program, they wonder how and why it works. After all, members have all gone to MSP and learned about the BNI processes – so everyone knows what they should be doing to [...]

Some people are great at negotiating in their own interest. Some are not. Which do you want to be?

One of your main jobs in life, one that will lead to increasing levels of self-confidence, is to become more effective in [...]


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Networking Is Like a First Date

Networking Is Like a First Date

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Breath of Life

Breath of Life

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