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30 years of “Changing the Way the World Does Business®”

On January 8, 1985, the very first meeting of BNI was held.  There were two dozen of us in a small coffee shop about 20 miles outside Los Angeles, California.  (The Founder’s chapter is still meeting today in the same community.  Two of the founding members are still members of BNI to this day.)  I don’t believe any of the two dozen people present at [...]


How to overcome the dangers of 60-Second Presentations.

I heard a story about a cruise on which all the passengers dressed up as pirates. Oddly, the story got me thinking about networking, specifically how a member can use a 60-Second Presentation and Sales Manager Moment to commandeer your time and attention while failing to educate you on the product or service they are hoping you will refer.

Pirates are for fantasy and dress-up, and [...]


How the 4 Beliefs of BNI uphold your success.

Envision a tabletop—laden with all the treasures you could ever imagine: health, time, meaningful relationships, a successful business, and financial independence, to name a few.
Whatever your “table” is filled with, it must be supported by four sturdy legs. For BNI members, these legs are the four beliefs of BNI: belief in ourselves, belief in each other, belief in the Leadership Team, and belief in BNI. If [...]


BNI, the worldwide leader in business networking, announced that Graham Weihmiller will be joining the organization as Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Weihmiller, an experienced leader of growth businesses, will help execute BNI’s existing strategic plan.  That plan includes operational enhancements, [...]

The 9th annual celebration of International Networking Week® is right around the corner, running February 2 – 6, 2015.  Excitement is building across the globe surrounding this worldwide event and the unlimited opportunities for business growth that it presents.

In this [...]

From Thanksgiving to the New Year, we are given plenty of opportunities to express gratitude. But it is important to continue developing an attitude of gratitude beyond the New Year. By doing so, you will become warmer, friendlier and increase [...]

The start of a New Year is a natural time to make resolutions for change.  Really, it’s not making resolutions that’s the big deal. It’s keeping the resolutions—having a plan in place to make them happen—that’s the really big deal.

It’s [...]


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Are You Guilty of Pirate Networking?

You are Responsible for Your Beliefs

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Are You Guilty of Pirate Networking?

Are You Guilty of Pirate Networking?

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