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Become more alert by doing less online.

We are living in a world that is more connected than ever. There are some definite pitfalls in our hyper-connected world as it intersects with our business relationships and networking.  This is especially true in BNI where we meet with our fellow members every week.   Hyperconnectivity can lead to a state of "continuous partial attention."   A state of continuous partial attention is a state where [...]


Debunking business networking delusions.

While recently planning my upcoming BNI chapter visits, I thought of all the 10-Minute presentations I've done, and how great it would be to introduce new business networking information to my chapter members.  From my coffee table, BNI’s "Truth or Delusion" jumped out at me.  “That's it!” I thought. “I’ll test my own BNI business networking knowledge.” I opened the book, and soon had a [...]


New book illustrates the power of Givers Gain.

I highly recommend to all BNI members the new book, Host: Six New Roles of Engagement for Teams, Organizations, Communities and Movements. Co-written by Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey, the book illustrates and expands on the BNI principle, Givers Gain. Mark is a friend of BNI and a personal friend of mine. Below is an (edited) excerpt from the book..

A key role in hosting, leadership [...]


Join us at the BNI International Conference Members' Session in Garden Grove, CA, and network with hundreds of members and directors from around the world!  Here are the details:

BNI Int’l ConferenceMembers' Session Day
November 7, 2014.Keynote Speaker, Jack Canfield

Sign up for [...]

On a recent Fast Track Friday call, we heard Jude Heath, president of Wealth in Networking, share the chapter’s incredible track record of growth.  It all started after Hurricane Katrina. The devastation it left behind ended up creating an incredible [...]

Got a million dollar idea but empty pockets?

Would you be ready to roll your business out if you only had the funds?

Want help convincing your family that they should pony up cash for your winning concept?

You've got the brains, they [...]

We constantly see stories about someone who has set SMART goals and acquired business success. What others have accomplished, you can accomplish as well, if you simply learn my seven “must-know” SMART goals and develop key frugal living habits. Wealthy [...]


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Continuous Partial Attention

Continuous Partial Attention

Continuous Partial Attention

Continuous Partial Attention

Continuous Partial Attention

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