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Boil it down to vision, goals, passion, persistence, and systems.

Over my career, I have observed people with different personalities, backgrounds, and behavioral styles achieve success in life. Many times I wondered if there was a recurring theme running through their success stories that would clearly illustrate what creates success.

When I was interviewing BNI members for my book Masters of Success, I asked thousands of them what they felt the “secret” to success was. They [...]


For results, complete your BNI Connect profile

Before I get fired, allow me to quickly explain the title of this article. BNI doesn’t work because we are generally not using it to its full capacity. I partner with an online referral company that sends me referrals. I explained to them how BNI and BNI Connect work. When they need a contractor in a town where they don’t have a partner they call [...]


Why attitude in networking makes all the difference.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had the rare opportunity to take my kids to the theater.  We don’t go often due to the cost, but the whole family was excited to see the movie, Tomorrowland.   There is a line in the movie that says something to this effect:

"There are two wolves, one bright, hopeful and generous, the other dark, cynical and angry. Which wolf wins? Whichever one [...]


Because we get so many requests for testimonials from members, Director Consultants and Executive Directors, we decided to compile some in an article for easy access! This is a great page to share with other members if you and your [...]

In this video, Ivan Misner responds to the question, "What's the greatest story you've ever heard about a BNI member benefitting from their membership in the organization?"

Surprisingly, the story he shares has nothing to do with how much business this [...]

The BNI Foundation is moving to collaborate with "Motivating the Teen Spirit" in order to have maximum impact in the communities where Business Voices is active.

MTS has been delivering results-based outcomes for over 17 years, and our desire is to [...]

It has been said, “Money may not be the most important thing, but it’s way up there with oxygen.” The fastest and easiest way to get the things you want as quickly as possible is almost always to have enough [...]


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