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Watch amazing things happen when you truly get to know others.

Is your personal network “deep” or “shallow?”  Chances are, it is a bit of both.  The question is, how strong is the deep part of your personal network?

A shallow network is where all of the people you meet will start out – and where, in my opinion, far too many of them will remain. In the course of developing your network, you meet and learn [...]


Being likeable is as important as credibility.

Too often we might not get the referrals we deserve. We can do all the right things to gain credibility, like being active and highly visible in our networking group, but still not get the referrals we expect. Why not?

While our credibility alone can prompt other chapter members to give us referrals, sometimes it’s not enough.

I know of highly visible chapter members who are credible, [...]


What happens when you apply Actions that Achieve.

Most BNI members understand that visitors are important to their chapter for a number of reasons—generating more referrals, providing access to new people and, most importantly, becoming new BNI members.

Even though visitors are important to the health of a chapter, many of us fail to take them seriously.

What do I mean?  Here’s an example:

If I had a customer meeting that was 100 miles away from [...]


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Building VCP With BNI Connect - Tuesday, September 2, 9 AM Pacific\Noon Eastern

Online Slips [...]

We’ve all heard that the speed and tone of the Leadership Team sets the speed and tone of the chapter. The real challenge is HOW to do that, so you can have a great leadership team and help your chapter [...]

To break through the success barriers and make a difference in your own life, you must aspire to a leadership role. You must develop the ability to influence others to work with you to achieve your goals and objectives.

Qualities of [...]

Listen to the recent recording of The Small Business Advocate radio show where Jim Blasingame interviews Ivan Misner about how to turn yourself around when you're not feeling motivated. GO HERE to listen.


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Get Serious about Visitor Days

What Dog Sled Teams Can Teach Us About Leadership

What Dog Sled Teams Can Teach Us About Leadership

Get Serious about Visitor Days

Feel Like a Wallflower?

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