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Why you must become a leader worth following.

What’s the difference between leaders who inspire a high level of employee engagement—and those who struggle to get people to simply do the bare minimum that their jobs require?

The secret lies in knowing how to lead from the heart outwards.

Successful leaders inspire their team by communicating their vision in a way that not only generates excitement, but also motivates others to jump on board with [...]


How prepping for a referral opportunity makes all the difference.

I live in a historic…well, really just an old, house. Built in 1920, our home challenges us weekly with quirky things that are the result of many different people living and working on this house over the years. This summer, I decided that I wanted to paint the exterior of my abode, so I spent some time with my husband picking out colors and trying [...]


Discover the importance of reflection.

Inventor and philosopher Buckminster Fuller suggested the importance of living your life in "day-tight" compartments. By completing each day saying, "This I want to keep, and this I release," you unburden your brain, freeing it for creativity and the clear pursuit of your goals.

Do your days just seem to run together in one unending blur?

Or, do you look back and review your day to gain [...]


When we see regions where several chapters are doing Fast Track, we like to turn our spotlight on and explore how the program is helping the region stay healthy and strong!

Our spotlight this month is on Micki Peak, Executive Director [...]

Did you know that there are many similarities between business and war? In both cases, the victor is the one who uses superior strategy against his or her competitor. Think about it. Are you a victor or are you falling [...]

When Sanjay Simha's friend and fellow BNI member found himself negatively (and inaccurately) perceived by the company with which his friend desperately wanted to do business, Sanjay put his networking skills and connections to good use. He made a powerful [...]

After the economic crash in 2009, many companies struggled to keep above water, and my company of 15 years was no different. I closed down and reopened in 2010. Shortly after, I was asked to join BNI. With some hesitation, [...]


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