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Who will you let into your “room” and who will you keep in the foyer?

What if you lived your entire life in one room?  Whoever you want to interact with in life is in this room.  You continually change your room to include any and all of the new possibilities you might like to have in your life.  However, there is one unique feature to this room that will never change – it has only one door.  It is [...]


Start with finding out what’s important to the person.

A number of years ago, I became involved with a new company that required training at headquarters. During the training we toured corporate headquarters and met the staff. Near the end of the tour we passed the founder’s and CEO’s office. The door was open so we quickly popped in to say hello—and just as quickly apologized for disrupting. Looking away from his computer screen [...]


Making it less about you and more about others.

Some elements of success are universal. It’s been said that one’s net worth is directly related to his/her network. No longer is it only the CEOs, VPs of sales, and quota-meeting, territory-managing salespeople who must understand the value of networking. Today, everyone is their own brand, and their own business, even if they work for a large corporation.

From networking events to social networking sites, opportunities [...]


Directors, do you have some excellent chapters? Chapters that run a terrific meeting, pass lots of referrals, are enthusiastically committed to each other, and have a great attitude?

Now is a great time to recognize a job well done! Nominate them [...]

One of the fundamental skills of successful networkers is the ability to get their message across effectively. If you want to gain the support of the people you interact with, and let them know how they can help you, it’s [...]

More than eighty percent of self-made millionaires in America began with nothing, or in many cases, less than nothing. I can certainly relate to that because when I was growing up and right into my early 30s, I never had [...]

Fast Track this month stars the Black Gold chapter located in Scranton Pennsylvania. We love Black Gold’s story. It was the original chapter in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area, and started Fast Track in January, and has already added 5 new [...]


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The Quality of Your Life Depends on the People in Your Life

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