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How BNI Texas joined the movement.

What happens when BNI members pull together to invest in their community’s children? More than you can imagine, especially under the scope of BNI’s Business Voices.

The BNI Foundation has created an initiative called Business Voices as part of our “cause marketing” campaign.  We believe that businesses can have a voice in what happens in local communities.  Business Voices is a program that helps support local [...]


How member attrition can lead to a healthier chapter.

A forest fire is one of nature’s most exhilarating and traumatic events. Whether by a single bolt of lightning or a long-smoldering leaf pile, what starts as an ember can rapidly grow into an insatiable beast of smoke and flame. Where once a vast expanse of trees harbored wildlife of all types, now there is only wasteland.

We easily lament such loss – a forest fire [...]


Why prospective members should interview chapters.

Starting a potential BNI member on the right path can begin even before the visitor comes to their first meeting. Yes, we can encourage them to visit the BNI website. And of course we can invite them to our personal chapter meeting. But in addition to that, we can urge them to do a little personal interviewing before they become a BNI member. Here are [...]


BNI Highrise Connections of San Jose, CA, is a chapter with an eye to the future and feet planted solidly on the ground. We chose to spotlight them this month, because they are a great example of a chapter understanding [...]

It seems that we respect ourselves only when we feel respected by others—and we go to great lengths to earn and keep that respect.

The Most Important Measure of Success
A survey done by the Gallup organization found that the most prominent [...]

Here is a video from Dr. Misner to new BNI members on why they should attend Member Success Program Training. Dr. Misner says, “Go! Go to Training.”

MSP Training will teach you the basics of how to build your business in [...]

The 2015 BNI International Directors Conference is scheduled for November 5th to7th in Long Beach, California.

We’re looking forward to a productive and fun 2015 conference and hope you’ll join us!

Watch as BNI directors from several countries welcome you to the [...]


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Networking is a Contact Sport

Networking is a Contact Sport

Networking is a Contact Sport

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