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What the “Shark Tank” can teach us about knowing your audience.

A few months ago, I started watching the “Shark Tank,” and I was hooked!  There are some serious business lessons that can be gleaned by viewing the show, and I saw one of them last week while watching a rerun from a previous season. (It’s sad. I’m completely hooked now and checking out past episodes.)

There was an entrepreneur on the show by the name of [...]


Tips & tricks to get your networking working.

I married an introvert. I had no idea at the time because in one-on-one situations he was articulate, funny, and interesting. And a good listener!  What more could a girl ask for?

I didn’t become aware that he was a social wallflower until we attended our first business-related event together.  He was miserable.  And so was I.  I felt like I had a broken wingman.  For [...]


How doing so will lead to great things.

Do you ever wonder about the origin of the word “thank you?” The word “thank” derives from Old English “pancian,” meaning to “give thanks,” which in turn derives from the Proto-German “thankojan,” which also spawned the Middle German term “danken,” meaning to thank.  The English term “thank you” was shortened from the phrase “I thank you.”

The two-word phrase “Thank you,” though complex in its origin, [...]


Don’t miss the upcoming Business for a Better World TeleSummit on April 21 through May 2, 2014.  Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI’s founder will present “The Ultimate Face-to-Face Marketing System: Learn how to really Master the Art of Networking.” 

Listen to [...]

To celebrate the launch of Dr. Misner’s brand new CD set, Entrepreneurs /Everyday Leaders and to recognize entrepreneurs and everyday Leaders in BNI, we are spotlighting BNI members everywhere- their stories, contribution and leadership.  It’s easy to get in the [...]

In this short video Dr. Misner invites you to join hundreds of BNI members and directors in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday, April 11th for the BNI U.S. National Conference Members' Day Session.

CLICK HERE to register for the event.

This all-day networking [...]

Your goal is to organize your life in such a way that you enjoy a good income, a high standard of living, and that you are the master of your economic destiny rather than a victim of changing economic times.

Your [...]


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“Give Me One Good Reason I Should Do Business With You?”

“Give Me One Good Reason I Should Do Business With You?”

Your Message Begins with “Why” and not “What”

“Give Me One Good Reason I Should Do Business With You?”

Practicing “Thank You”

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