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From the Founder
How to stay in the super-charged phase.

Have you ever noticed that some chapters are highly energized, goal-oriented, thriving, and reporting extremely high dollar values with their Thank You for Closed Business (TYFCB) slips, while others are just going through the motions, doing the minimum and getting average results, and yet still others are always struggling to even maintain their chapter’s charter with bored and, frankly, boring members?

We will soon be starting [...]


The BNI Premier chapter just completed their 5-year summary report.

During the past 60 months, BNI Premier has generated 11,581 referrals resulting in $10,501,046 in closed business. That means, on average, EVERY referral is worth $906.  In addition we have conducted 10,733 1-to-1s.

During that same period we have 27 members who have generated MORE than $100,000 in closed business for others (20 of whom are STILL [...]


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Get your personal PALMS stat here.

Want to know how your personal PALMS stats are stacking up? There's a report for that! BNI Connect can give you a week by week activity report by logging in to and going to Reports>Chapter>Personal PALMS Report. You can look at your activity going back up to 10 years!

Check it out; you might be surprised!




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