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My BNI Story
The youngest BNI member.

Many of us had grand ideas of what we wanted to do when we grew up, but very few of those ideas became reality. Houston Cottrell, however, decided what he wanted to do at four years old, and at a mere 16, Houston started his business and opened a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu studio. Now at 17, he is reaping the benefits of that venture.

Houston always knew [...]


My BNI Story

For five years, I worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach for other businesses and fitness centers in Bloomington, Indiana. I loved my occupation, but I wasn’t headed in the direction I wanted. Finally, in January of 2012, I decided to launch my personal training and fitness coaching business. I started out small, training clients out of a local gym that allowed me to [...]


My BNI Story

As the owner of EasyForms, I recently found myself receiving the Excellence in Strategy and Planning award at the Westpac Business Awards. This win was a huge honor for my team and me—one that BNI contributed to by helping to build the business.

My journey with BNI didn’t start with EasyForms. I’ve been a member for more than ten years across multiple businesses and industries. What [...]


My BNI Story

Members seem to struggle with finding substitutes, which shouldn't be. Here are some ideas that have worked for me:

1. Ask your husband/wife/partner, adult children, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, clients and church friends.
2. Text everybody in your phone at once. "Can you substitute for me at my BNI meeting next Friday?" (or "October 16", for example).
3. Email everybody in your email contact list, again all at once.
4. [...]


My BNI Story
BNI changes the way relationships are built and the way people do business.

I love the philosophy of changing the way people do business and build relationships. Trust and business ethics are crucial.  I rejoice that through BNI relations, we learn whose word is their honour, AND we can learn from one another.

I have made friends and connections that are priceless. I have created awareness and credibility for the projects I am involved in. I have exposed my [...]


My BNI Story

Because BNI has generated so much business for me, I am always excited to share my enthusiasm for my BNI membership. While mentoring Petro du Buisson last week, I showed her that I was contacted by Tasneem from Falcon Chapter Dubai who had seen my BNI profile on BNI Connect. What a powerful network!

Since joining BNI just over two years ago, my business has grown [...]


My BNI Story
Improvisation of the BNI FROGS invitation method.

Here is an improvisation of Dr. Misner’s FROGS inviting method.

Every time I shared Dr. Misner's analogy (above), it made women happy but men felt they were not given enough importance. So, I created the CHICKS inviting list.

It gained so much momentum....and now both men and women are happy!

I have been a member in BNI Bangalore, India for over eight years. I joined BNI with two [...]


My BNI Story

This testimonial is a great example of how BNI regions become closer thanks to BNI Connect.

Juan José Rivero provides medical services in Seville Province. He is a fellow member of a chapter in the Aljarafe area, which is geographically close to BNI Sevilla Capital Region but is part of BNI Huelva & Aljarafe Region. Therefore, I can benefit from trainings in both regions. Thanks to the new features of BNI Connect, attendance [...]


My BNI Story

Reflecting the times, a drone operator has just become the latest member of the Chichester, West Sussex BNI chapter! “Commercial drone operation is a rapidly developing industry serving an expanding range of services,” says Ren Capes, owner and Head of Operations at Aerial Mapping & Film. “Drones get bad press due to some ill-informed hobbyists and a few rogue operators, but in qualified hands, drones [...]


My BNI Story

On joining BNI I was asked "what dollar value would I be happy with as a return on my BNI membership after 1 year."

I am happy to say that after only one, my BNI chapter members have helped me beat that figure by 400%! This is exceptional results.

My business is unique which meant each member learned from scratch exactly what services I offered.  I have listened intently [...]


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