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My BNI Story

A couple of years ago I was fortunate to get invited to a BNI informational meeting.  After just a few weeks I happily joined the chapter "Federico II" of BNI in Foggia.

Because I work online for clients who find me over the internet, I didn't have many local contacts.  That made the BNI slogan local business global network very interesting to me.

Two years later, thanks to [...]


My BNI Story

Después de 6 meses en BNI, mi experiencia es muy positiva porque me da la oportunidad de conocer muy muy de cerca, a grandes profesionales de la zona, que sin este grupo hubiera sido casi imposible hacerlo.

Estoy contento de las referencias que mi empresa está recibiendo, pero pienso que lo mejor está por llegar. Gracias a la reuniones 1 a 1, nuestra confianza irá en [...]


My BNI Story

As chapter Director of BNI de Zwaan in Rotterdam, The Netherlands I decided to visit BNI Fulham in London during a brief holiday. BNI coach Sofia Simmonds and BNI Director Marie Andrews invited me to exchange our experiences after the meeting in Restaurant Del'Aziz.

From the start I realy enjoyed the meeting and the experience to look and listen to the member contributions and the interesting [...]


My BNI Story
How BNI strengthened a business and familial bond.

Good leaders make good decisions. I learned this from my father. I manage a small winery that is growing because of good decisions my father and I made at critical junctures. One of these was joining BNI, a smart move that has reaped great reward for our winery. Here is our story.

I first experienced wine production and sales as a graduate more than a decade [...]


My BNI Story
How it led to an out-of-state auto lease sale.

A BNI member in Washington State asked me to find a vehicle for their daughter who is going to school in Rhode Island. I did not have the vehicle types in the price range they wanted. But we were able to discuss several important things: the benefits of leasing vs. buying a used vehicle for their daughter, along with the terms of a loan vs. [...]


My BNI Story

Recently I gave a referral to one of the members in the Hilton Head Region.  She came to my house to give me an estimate, on time, professionally dressed, and with a big smile.

We went over the work to be done and I approved it.  I then asked her how BNI had been for her business and personal development. She had me on the edge [...]


My BNI Story
85% of new clients because of BNI.

Our Sheehan Farmers Insurance agency receives over 85% of our new clients via referrals from our friends, clients, and referral partners. Our best marketing system is BNI.

Started by Ivan and Beth Misner, this business networking and referral group provides great training, warm referrals and business partners you get to see weekly.

BNI really works!




My BNI Story
The value of BNI is unprecedented.

Five years ago, I started my business and joined every networking group in town. Actually, I joined two Chambers of Commerce and five networking organizations. My thought was to meet everyone I could to spread the news about my new business. At the time, I did not focus on the cost or value of randomly joining all of these groups; I was just looking for [...]


My BNI Story
What getting up at 4:30am taught me about BNI members.

The more I read about successful people the more I see people putting out an extraordinary effort. Many people start their day at 4:30 am or 5 am.  Their example inspired me to start my day at 4:50 am, so I could fully wake up, plan my day, and eat breakfast. As a result of just a little extra effort, just recently I noticed I was prepared for, on time [...]


My BNI Story

I would like to share with you my experience with BNI Connect.

Filling out the BNI Connect Profile section in detail added more credibility to my personal and business than I initially believed it would. After joining BNI Penang Achievers chapter in April 2014, I immediately filled out my profile, hoping to increase my exposure among the BNI community near and far.

Then, three months ago, I [...]


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