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My BNI Story

BNI Belgium was a complete new experience for me. We started on 11 Feb 15 and I was chosen to be President of this chapter.

I was so scared because I had a lot of difficulties speaking in public.  Four months later, this experience gave me the opportunity to make a 160° professional change after 36 years in the Telecom Business!  I will be starting a completely new [...]


My BNI Story

Being a member of BNI is like living in a magical place. You never know what you can get in this place.

I interacted with a visitor who was invited by one of my fellow chapter member and overnight, it changed my life.

Being in the finance consultancy profession, I was working on a case of INR 90 Crore for almost one and half years.  The case [...]


My BNI Story
Connect with the world to close business.

All BNI members need to familiarize themselves with the BNI Connect system.  I receive money-making enquiries through BNI Connect.  I joined BNI United chapter in October 2014 as a Professional Accounting Service. Within two and a half months of completing my BNI Connect personal profile, I received an inquiry from a logistics firm that resulted in a closed deal within two weeks. It closed in [...]


My BNI Story
Completing BNI Connect profile pays off.

Completing my BNI Connect Profile section in detail added more credibility and visibility to my photography business.

After joining Uptown chapter in June 2014, it took me two months to become familiar with the system.  My patience paid off. After the third month, I received a call from a local art curator who has galleries in London, Sydney, and Malaysia and was looking for a photographer [...]


My BNI Story
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This is your opportunity to share your BNI testimonial.

Encourage other BNI members by recounting how your BNI membership has impacted your personal and professional success.

We want to know how BNI generates referrals and sales, helps you overcome obstacles, encourages you to grow personally and professionally, or impacts your bottom line.

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My BNI Story

I was part of a chapter that started with 12 people in San Francisco.  It grew to 25. The people I met have continued to mentor me and be patients, and friends for these 9 years.

I received 40% of my business from BNI in those early years.

I am now in a new chapter and the people I am with now are wonderful, warm and great [...]


My BNI Story

In 2012 I was the architect member in the BNI Partners In Excellence (P.I.E.) chapter, currently at 43 members. I find the power of BNI amazing. After leaving a BNI meeting, I got a call from a real estate agent who got my name from the chapter’s contractor. He gave her my name because we had done a 1-to-1. At the time she didn’t need [...]


My BNI Story

BNI member Georgia Santangelo from the Riverside Executives chapter recently wrote and presented this inspiring poem to her chapter. Enjoy!

The Purpose of BNI

The purpose of BNI is to give and you shall gain,
to refer one another because you know they’ll do the same.

To help them promote like they couldn’t do for themselves without a host,
to support and be there for them when they need you [...]


My BNI Story
How BNI added to my company's bottom line.

In December 2014, after thirty years as a Letting Agent and nine years in BNI Nexus, in the West Of Scotland, I sold my business.

The price I achieved was based on turnover. When I completed the due diligence, it was clear that fully 25% of that turnover was attributable to my BNI membership.

It made all the difference to the bottom line. i.e. if BNI's 25% [...]


My BNI Story

A couple of years ago I was fortunate to get invited to a BNI informational meeting.  After just a few weeks I happily joined the chapter "Federico II" of BNI in Foggia.

Because I work online for clients who find me over the internet, I didn't have many local contacts.  That made the BNI slogan local business global network very interesting to me.

Two years later, thanks to [...]


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Networking is a Contact Sport

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