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My BNI Story
Why I’m a disciple of BNI.

I started selling insurance with my company in September, 2008. In October, 2008 I joined a local BNI group, and am still a member today and currently filling the VP role.  Last week I was in Mexico on an awards event/trip with my company.  I walked across the stage to receive four annual awards and recognition for achieving career milestones.

When I did the math, I [...]


My BNI Story
Why they joined and how they found success.

I became a BNI member in January 2006 when I launched my first chapter.  Like everyone else, I joined to grow my business.  I was young and hungry and needed referrals, but I soon learned that there were other benefits of becoming a BNI member.   A fundamental benefit was not only knowing more people, but having more people know me.   When out to dinner with [...]


My BNI Story
A crowd-pleasing jingle.

At a recent BNI Grapevine chapter meeting, BNI member Frank Fullin wrote lyrics and performed this jingle to the tune “Heard It through the Grapevine.”  It was quite memorable and a definite crowd pleaser!

Ooh, I bet you're wondering how I know
'Bout your plans to make your business grow
Some other guy that you knew before
Told you should sell door-to-door
It took me by [...]


My BNI Story

Having only been retired from military service for approximately two years, I have found few organizations that share similar values/attributes to the service with several exceptions. One such organization with similar attributes is BNI.

Since my introduction to the BNI organization by fellow veteran and BNI member of his own chapter, Daniel Borrero, I have seen in its members, discipline to their craft, esprit de corp [...]


My BNI Story

Back in 2009 a friend/customer asked me to check out BNI.  The new chapter I joined took a while for referrals but I did get my fair share of referrals for work in my auto repair business.  BNI works for me and was worth the time I spent on 1-to-1s and meetings last year.  I was asked to become president of our X Factor chapter.  [...]


My BNI Story
BNI gets quick results.

In advance of my one-year anniversary this May with the BNI High Performers chapter in Centurion Johannesburg, South Africa I am compelled to proclaim that BNI is a most amazing organization. Attend a BNI event and you can spin a profit, become swamped with business, and get the most amazing opportunities.

One of our visitors, who became a loyal client of mine on her first visit [...]


My BNI Story
A great tool to build your business.

Shortly after I started my promotional products and printing business in 2002, an industry mentor advised me to join a BNI chapter. Enthused, I immediately looked into BNI online and the next day discovered a BNI booth at a Chamber of Commerce trade show. There, a BNI director invited me to a meeting of a new start-up chapter. When it launched in a distant location, [...]


My BNI Story
and grew his business by 30% in one year!

I own a computer consulting company, and for many years I had significant but sporadic successes that did not generate a steady work flow or income stream.

In June, 2012, my girlfriend, Roni, and I were enduring an evening trip to Home Depot after a long day of work, and we ran into a lawyer friend of hers who started to tell me about his membership [...]


My BNI Story

Four years ago I had never even heard of BNI. Now I have been in BNI for just about three years and in this time I have learned some great stuff. One of those things is that I was already a good networker. However BNI has shown me that the Givers Gain mindset is the best way to do business. Since I have joined the [...]


My BNI Story
A result of one BNI referral.

I have been into BNI Nakshatra chapter in Bangalore for 13 months.

Initially my referrals were not interesting. One visitor who happened to visit about 8 months ago called me up last month and gave me a big business. It took me to Rank#3 in India for Health Insurance Salesman in my company.

Thank you BNI.


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