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My BNI Story
Never underestimate it!

Within my first year as a member of BNI, I established myself as my chapter’s 1-to-1 king. Because I work at home as a professional freelance writer and do not have much opportunity to find referrals, generate business and attend training sessions, I decided to focus on scheduling 1-to-1 meetings every week with fellow chapter members.

Although I was not getting a lot of referrals, by [...]


My BNI Story
Show up, connect, and network.

When it’s my turn, I stand up at my 7 AM BNI breakfast table and give my 40-second commercial: “Identity theft is one of our biggest crimes, affecting half of all American households. Legal Shield offers the best solution and provides immediate benefits to businesses and their employees. Legal Shield protects companies and increases the bottom line at no cost to the employer.”

After hearing my [...]


My BNI Story

I have learned as much from my life experiences as I have from my extensive and professional education.  One experience in particular, a serious car accident, has changed my approach to every encounter I have. Whether I am networking, developing relationships, or exchanging ideas, one thought is always foremost in mind: “Nothing you give to others will ever be lost. Sooner or later it will [...]


My BNI Story

The best referral I ever got didn't count as an official referral and didn't result in a penny for my business. I'd been a member of the BNI Green Machine in Gainesville, FL, for a few months when another member offered me and my husband tickets to a local awards show for which he was a sponsor -- the Cade Prize for Innovation, founded by [...]


My BNI Story

Before joining BNI I had received numerous invites to networking and social groups. But none had indicated to me any prospects of business or deals. They were just "meeting other professionals".

I wondered how I could cultivate a relationship with people, some of whom do not share any common business mind with me. I was tempted to attend one Rotary meeting and ended up passing my [...]


My BNI Story

Just a short message about how I value my BNI Burton membership.

We are based in South Wales UK. I am a painter and decorator in my chapter and I am growing as a member and in business value.  I was a young apprentice painter and decorator in the 1970's.

I have just spent over 30 years in the fitness industry as a fitness coach, personal trainer [...]


My BNI Story

BNI came into my life about five years ago and my whole world shifted to greatness when I walked into that weekly meeting. In that room were like minded people, ready to support and rejoice in each others success. This was the first time in my adult business life that I had found a safe place where I could be myself and know that others [...]


My BNI Story
Settlement awareness and education message delivered through BNI relationships.

In April 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster devastated the Gulf of Mexico, with far-reaching impacts affecting not just the environment of the surrounding coastal areas but the economies of those states as well.

My name is Brad Garland, and as a CPA who was helping prepare the necessary calculations for the settlement, I found BNI to be a critical means for me to spread [...]


My BNI Story

Yes, you did read that correctly. I passed 120 referrals in one week!

I joined Partners In Prosperity BNI in Springfield, MA about three years ago. Starting off in business is tough and I faced my share of challenges like most entrepreneurs. I’m an event planner, and my business, All Events Realized, was struggling when I joined BNI, but I stuck with it and made some [...]


My BNI Story
Member pursues patent with support of BNI relationships.

Watch HERE as Dr. Todd Narson tells his "My BNI Story." In it he recounts how developing relationships within his chapter helped secure a patent for his newly developed soft tissue instrument.  Todd says, “One of my dreams came to fruition because of my BNI relationships.”

Dr. Todd Narson
Miami Beach Family & Sports
Chiropractic Center

Video by Aaron Zippin,  Zip In Media Productions


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“Give Me One Good Reason I Should Do Business With You?”

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“Give Me One Good Reason I Should Do Business With You?”

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