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My BNI Story

Think after the 5th or 6th time, that you don't need to keep meeting for a 1-to-1s? Or maybe after knowing each other for so long, that you chat about the kids or vacation and leave out work related conversation? The Restoration Company and my company have had a relationship for years and our kids attend the same school - we "know" each other and [...]


My BNI Story
...and reap the benefits of your BNI membership.

You probably know by now that there is a formula to your success in BNI. Ivan previously wrote in SuccessNet about 3+1 = Member's Success. Through education we often talk about the "3" and do so through stories. However, we do not often talk specifically about the last piece, "+1" - Share Stories. Think about your many experiences and write them down.  Listening closely to [...]


My BNI Story
Going into his second year, a BNI member exceeds his goals.

When I joined BNI Saint Germain des Pres chapter in April 2013, I set the goal to increase my business with three remodeling projects that year. The goal has been largely reached, with nearly 200000€ of referrals, thus representing 15% of my annual turnover.

Immediately after starting my second year, I exceeded my goal. In April 2014 I received a referral for remodeling a hotel with [...]


My BNI Story

Seven years ago I bought a red van, put silver copy on and started John P. McVey Transport, Removals, Clearance & Storage.

Since then I've done single items to full house removals, to 44, 000 square ft office clearance. I've traveled from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth, Oban, Uist, Tayvalach, borders over to Omagh then on too London, Stoke on Trent, Hereford, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester.  None of [...]


My BNI Story

When looking into becoming a member of BNI, one would usually visit multiple chapters to find the best fit for themselves, as well as for their company. This was my original plan when I began my BNI chapter search. My plans suddenly changed the moment I walked into the Campbell County chapter of BNI. I was immediately acknowledged by all of the members, I felt [...]


My BNI Story

As the founder and chairman of Artnomadis SAS, a contemporary art gallery created in 2010, I am extremely grateful to the BNI organization for boosting my 2013 sales—and saving my business. BNI referrals that converted into sales accounted for 70% of my 2013 turnover!  If not for BNI, my small art gallery business would probably be dead.

Many find it hard to believe that BNI actually changes business; I’m here to dispel that disbelief.

I [...]


My BNI Story

Through my business as a workshop facilitator, I use principles of improvisation and laughter to help employees enhance their communication, creativity, leadership, and team collaboration skills. When I first joined BNI, I was skeptical how I would receive referrals for my business and gain value from my membership.

However, I am proud to say that 40% of my business comes from BNI. I am fortunate to be a [...]


My BNI Story
How to use BNI Memory Cards to boost a marketing mindset.

I have to admit, I have questioned the usefulness of the BNI Memory Cards. Recently, one of our members and Member Success Program facilitators, Richard Vasquez, a property and casualty insurance agent from the BNI Success Express chapter, shared how he uses the cards.

A couple mornings a week, Richard places a memory card on each of his employee’s desks for them to review. He does [...]


My BNI Story
Wait for your referral.

My business began to grow once I became a member of BNI. However, it wasn't until about 2 years after a member left that I received the biggest referral yet.

The former member and I stayed in touch and his employer, the local landfill and waste management system company needed a new uniform and embroidery supplier. He told the person in charge that my business was [...]


My BNI Story
Heartfelt gratitude expressed for BNI Insomniacs chapter.

Dear Bijay & Anna,

I would like to express my gratitude and share my achievement with you. I work for a multinational company, Regus, offering business solutions to clients worldwide. I am the General Manager, but my prime responsibility is selling. Regus is a great organization that invests a lot in training its employees to be world class sales professionals.

BNI has supplemented me with the additional [...]


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