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Hungary's 7th National Networking Conference Is a Hit!
A look at the numbers proves Hungary’s networking success.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure!

This key idea defined the focus of the National Networking Conference, which was organized on the 28th of October, 2015, in Budapest, Hungary. Entrepreneurs who attended this Hungarian networking event of the year had the chance to listen to exciting case studies and interesting business success stories.

The 7th National Networking Conference included:

- almost 700 company owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs

- 12 presenters from 5 countries

- 8 hours of networking

- 40 to 50 new, potential partnerships

- 1 key idea

- immediately applicable practical knowledge

- actual enterprise developmental tips

- exciting case studies

- simultaneous Hungarian and English sections

András Avidor, a well-known domestic networking expert and the director of BNI Hungary, presented the long-term plans of the Hungarian organization at the National Networking Conference:

By February 2nd, 2020, BNI Hungary hopes to be:

- in 40 cities, where there are at least 4000 entrepreneurs

- 4000 BNI members larger

- generating business with each other in the value of HUF 80 billion (~USD 250 million)

The achievements of BNI Hungary in 2015 so far:

- 22,904 realized business referrals

- HUF 15,3 billion (~ USD 52 million) extra revenues of the Hungarian BNI members

- 3 new Hall of Fame chapters

- almost 1000 members, with 36 chapters, in 23 cities



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