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A Trans-Continent Connection
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Natalia Peres Correia from Brazil's BNI Elos chapter posted this message on

The feeling of success and excitement you have when you connect to a business person abroad is simply fantastic.

I am part of the Elos chapter in Brazil. When I planned to travel to New York City, one of my goals was to visit a chapter. I used BNI Connect to find a group. I sent a message to the president and one of the members who shared, more or less, the same segment as I do in Brazil. I was welcomed with open arms! We got along so well that I could start a partnership with this member.

Another great realization I had was that although different chapters have their peculiarities, they all share the same Givers Gain value and the same meeting structure, showing that BNI is an international organization.

From now on, wherever I spend my holidays, I'll definitely visit a BNI chapter.


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