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Pulling My Business Out of the Recession
How BNI helped me start afresh.

After the economic crash in 2009, many companies struggled to keep above water, and my company of 15 years was no different. I closed down and reopened in 2010. Shortly after, I was asked to join BNI. With some hesitation, I visited a local chapter. I visited three times before I applied. My failed company left me in debt, so I had to wait to apply.

Thanks to the referrals from BNI, I was able to not only start a business in the worst economy of my lifetime, but grow a business that now employs five people. I paid off the million dollar debt that my failed company left me in and am now looking to open a second company.

I have made friends that will last a lifetime and who have completely changed my life! BNI has been such a positive experience for me that I started my own chapter in the town in which my business is located. The chapter has grown from two people to 35 in nine months. I am also now the director for my area, so I can help struggling small business owners the way BNI helped me. My employees and I will be members for life.

Chris Winter
Winter Auto Repair


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