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Making Patriotism Stand Out

While visiting and doing a 1-to-1 with Suraj Zutshi, our Northern Nevada Director Consultant, I noticed three 4" x 6" mini flags on his desk. There was an Italian, an Indian and an American flag, each in a flag holder. One represented his place of birth, another his wife's place of birth, and of course, where they reside now, the USA.

Seeing this gave me an idea. I decided to develop a patriotic BNI business card holder that every BNI member might display in their home or office, or give as a gift. The card holder comes with a USA flag, a BNI flag, and a third flag of one’s choice, such as a state or military flag. This BNI/USA business card holder promotes patriotism and business.

As "Paul the Flagman," I see an advantage of the card holder to cover both entities. I believe that my focus can help others to do the same!


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