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Executive Director Spotlight
Featuring Micki Peak of BNI Olympic Peninsula.

When we see regions where several chapters are doing Fast Track, we like to turn our spotlight on and explore how the program is helping the region stay healthy and strong!

Our spotlight this month is on Micki Peak, Executive Director of BNI Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. When we talked to Micki and listened to her background, we heard a great track record for a BNI Executive Director. Here’s the scoop!

Micki started with her business partner 13 years ago, and chartered a chapter in the Pacific Northwest. That chapter was Sound Referrals, and one of the first chapters in the region of BNI Olympic Peninsula. Then Micki quickly became an Assistant Director, and then an Area Director, and then 5 years ago she became the Executive Director for the region.

When we asked Micki, “What made you want to become an Executive Director?” her response was that she wanted to provide a greater benefit to BNI members in the area. As the previous Executive Director transitioned out of BNI, Micki stepped up to the plate!

Her favorite moments as an Executive Director are telling. They show us that Micki really understands Givers Gain. She enjoys hearing success stories from members, and how BNI has supported members who would otherwise have been faced with closing their doors during the economic recession. And she loves watching members’ businesses grow and add employees! Ultimately, her passion is how BNI impacts the communities it serves.

When we asked Micki what Fast Track has offered her region, here’s what she had to say:

“Most of my chapters are 6 years or older, and for those chapters, getting everyone on the same page and speaking the same language was important. That really created team work, and a deeper understanding of HOW BNI works and WHY they weren’t getting referrals from certain people. Fast Track brought a business focus back to the chapters.

Plus, it helped members make the most of their networking opportunities even outside of BNI.”

Moreover, Micki discovered an effect that we’ve often seen in Fast Tracking chapters as well. In her words, “It helped weed out people who were not compatible with BNI. In some cases, these were older members closer to retirement who were not as interested in the chapter growing and thriving, and it presented a good time for them to transition. In other cases, it simply helped members realize that the BNI process would involve a bigger commitment than they were ready to make.”

This benefit of Fast Track can be very impactful for chapters, as members realize there is a big difference between knowing BNI and doing BNI. Fast Track highlights the BNI Fundamentals that chapters practice together to create results like increased revenue and growth, and the program focuses members on ACTION, as well as shared knowledge.

Micki’s other observations about Fast Track were interesting as well. She noticed that when members hear Dr. Misner deliver the information, it feels more factual and relevant for them. We’ve actually heard this from many members, because hearing about the BNI processes directly from the FOUNDER is an influential experience. As members understand the origins and fundamental reasoning behind the BNI processes and why they work, they begin to see not only the big picture of BNI success, but also how to be more effective players on their chapter teams.

When we asked Micki for other quick sound bites about the impact of Fast Track in her region, she told us:

“There is so much information in the program about what makes BNI work, that it shifts chapters from a group of people to a team doing business. Fast Track is like a Business Coach for the entire chapter. The tracking and the information on revenue and referral goals is so business-oriented, it helps attract people who want to succeed.

Here’s a sneak peek at three of Micki’s chapters and their results…

Peninsula Business Partners: This chapter first started Fast Track when they had “slimmed down” to 15 members or so. Tracy Freckleton was the EC at the time, who really helped build them up. Her advice to other chapters – “Get picky about membership and get picky about accountability. We aren’t just taking anyone who shows up, which we did before. We learned that not everyone is a fit for your chapter. Fast Track is so worth it. We wasted time thinking about doing it when we should have just done it. We finally decided as a leadership team to make it happen and it made all the difference. We cleaned up our chapter, got rid of the dead wood, and started on a path forward.”

It took time to rebuild, but now this chapter has over 30 members and good retention rates. They also recently hit their goal of $1 million in TYFCB! They have just started the Fast Track program again with Adam Goit as the Education Coordinator, and they have goals of continued growth and even higher TYFCB this term. Fast Track’s long-term, consistent, in-chapter education has been valuable for this group, beyond the standard MSP training.

Kitsap Business Leaders: When they started Fast Track, this chapter had 19 members. During the program, they grew to 29 members and achieved their million dollar TYFCB goal!

On their first round of Fast Track, member Paul Jose commented, “I have heard great things about this program from our members. They all are saying that it has gone well, and they understand the concept of BNI better.”

Success by Referrals: This chapter recently started their 3rd experience on the Fast Track. They are looking forward to bringing even more serious, business-focused members on board. They are also doing the program again because they know it will increase member engagement.

They currently have over 40 members, and recently achieved their $2 million TYFCB goal!

We want to thank Micki for sharing her experiences and especially appreciate her commitment to her members and her chapters.

Micki can be contacted directly at: Micki Peak, Executive Director, BNI Pacific Northwest/Olympic Peninsula,, 360-649-6589,

Click here for more comments from Executive Directors about how Fast Track has supported their regions!

Photo Caption: Micki Peak, Executive Director of BNI Olympic Peninsula



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