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My BNI Story

After a chance encounter at a BNI Hungary business breakfast, a representative of XOFT Ltd, a Hungarian company from Pécs, found himself with the referral he had been looking for. This referral led to a successful long term partnership and a public investment worth 90 million forints.

In August of 2012, Péter Kristóf, leader of Nearsource Ltd., was referred to Gábor Pelle, a representative of XOFT [...]


My BNI Story
How BNI helped me start afresh.

After the economic crash in 2009, many companies struggled to keep above water, and my company of 15 years was no different. I closed down and reopened in 2010. Shortly after, I was asked to join BNI. With some hesitation, I visited a local chapter. I visited three times before I applied. My failed company left me in debt, so I had to wait to [...]


My BNI Story
Made possible by BNI Connect.

Natalia Peres Correia from Brazil's BNI Elos chapter posted this message on

The feeling of success and excitement you have when you connect to a business person abroad is simply fantastic.

I am part of the Elos chapter in Brazil. When I planned to travel to New York City, one of my goals was to visit a chapter. I used BNI Connect to find a group. [...]


My BNI Story

While visiting and doing a 1-to-1 with Suraj Zutshi, our Northern Nevada Director Consultant, I noticed three 4" x 6" mini flags on his desk. There was an Italian, an Indian and an American flag, each in a flag holder. One represented his place of birth, another his wife's place of birth, and of course, where they reside now, the USA.

Seeing this gave me an [...]


My BNI Story

At first I thought BNI was predominantly an organization whose efforts was to foster B-to-C relationships. I had a difficult time envisioning how the requirements of a B-to-B platform could possibly be satisfied.

Wow, I found myself way off center: BNI is an incredible well rounded organization whose reach penetrates the depths of all businesses regardless of who your primary targets are. In a very short [...]


My BNI Story

Members Are the Backbone of BNI
Visitors Are the Energy of BNI
Referrals Are the Oxygen of BNI
Network Is the Breakfast of BNI
121 Is the Lunch & Dinner of BNI
60 Sec Introduction Is the Life of BNI
10 Minute Presentation is the Feast of BNI
Biz Development Is the Result of BNI
We Are All Pioneers of BNI
Visibility, Credibility & Profitability Is the Culture of BNI


My BNI Story
Joining BNI is the key to my success!

I opened my restaurant in May of 2008. Immediately after that the economy dropped off dramatically. Within 2 years my chef and life line left the restaurant.  Daily, my husband said to put up a closed sign.

I was invited to a BNI Visitors Day. I didn't have any idea what BNI was all about. But, within 2 visits and lots of prayers, I decided to give [...]


My BNI Story

I have lived in Cambridge for seven years now and two years ago decided to set up my software development business. I knew that there were companies out there that didn't have the time or resources to develop their own apps and software but getting in front of them was a big unknown as all of my contacts were in one industry and scattered around [...]


My BNI Story

I am now in my third year at BNI. I am part of the High Performers Chapter in Centurion, South Africa.

Recently I moved away from the area, which was also close to my chapter. For that reason I decided I was going to resign as it would just become too far of a drive to get to the meetings.

Well, I gave my resignation.  However, during [...]


My BNI Story
Put the effort in and it will come back 10 fold.

I love BNI because it is structured and you have accountability to your chapter.  This gives it so much substance.  The business relationships and the friendships that you build not only grow your business but it grows you as a person.

Having an extended sales force and back up of business you can refer to is amazing.  You cannot fall without someone being by your side, [...]


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