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words of wisdom
Become a victor by following these 3 principles.

Did you know that there are many similarities between business and war? In both cases, the victor is the one who uses superior strategy against his or her competitor. Think about it. Are you a victor or are you falling behind?

There are three principles of military strategy you can apply to your work every single day. The first idea from the military is called the [...]


words of wisdom
There are two great principles for achieving financial success.

The first principle is what we call the law of attraction. The law of attraction says that you are a living magnet. It says that your thoughts create a force field of energy that radiates out from you and attracts back into your life the people and circumstances in harmony with them. Any thought you have, combined with an emotion, positive or negative, radiates out [...]


words of wisdom
The key to succeeding in the 21st Century.

It seems that we respect ourselves only when we feel respected by others—and we go to great lengths to earn and keep that respect.

The Most Important Measure of Success
A survey done by the Gallup organization found that the most prominent living Americans rated the respect of others as the most important measure of success in life. They worked very hard to earn the respect of [...]


Words of Wisdom
The answers are easier than you might think.

When the door closes to your sales pitch, how do you step back in—without becoming the quintessential annoying salesperson? Here Brian Tracy takes you through nine common objections prospects make—and shows you how to keep the sales conversation going so you can close the deal.

Unspoken Objections

The first type of objection you will get is an unspoken objection. The customer is concerned by your offer of a service [...]


words of wisdom
What is it you really desire?

It has been said, “Money may not be the most important thing, but it’s way up there with oxygen.” The fastest and easiest way to get the things you want as quickly as possible is almost always to have enough money to be able to buy them, whatever they cost. For this reason, the desire to acquire money, quickly and easily, and as much as [...]


words of wisdom
A guide to finding opportunities within your own realm of talents and interests.

How do you find a new product or service, recognizing that 80 percent or more will be new in five years? Here's a series of ideas.

Look For Opportunities

Number one, begin with yourself. Begin with your own talents, abilities, experience, knowledge, interests, background, education, and so on. Look carefully at your current work, your current business, your current position, or your current product or service. Seek [...]


words of wisdom
8 insights for making the most out of too little time.

The first major time waster in selling is procrastination. Everyone procrastinates. There is always too much to do and too little time. The difference between successes and failures, though, is determined by people’s choices about what they put off. Losers put off the important things that could make a difference in their lives. Winners put off low-value tasks and activities.

Stop Wasting Time
According to Robert Half, [...]


words of wisdom
Why sales is less about the product and service than the person.

Ultimately, all selling is built on relationships. People don’t buy products or services. They “buy” the people who are selling the products or services. First, you sell yourself as a likeable and credible person. Then you sell what you represent.

In its simplest terms, successful sales are determined by one’s ability to form high-quality relationships with customers. Marketing and selling have changed dramatically in the last [...]


words of wisdom

Over the years, exhaustive research has been done on top teams. There seem to be six characteristics or qualities of peak-performance teams that you can incorporate into your own business. Here they are:

Shared Goals and Objectives

In a smoothly functioning team, everyone is clear about what the team is expected to accomplish. The goals of the team are shared and discussed by everyone. Each team member [...]


Words of Wisdom

Some people are great at negotiating in their own interest. Some are not. Which do you want to be?

One of your main jobs in life, one that will lead to increasing levels of self-confidence, is to become more effective in influencing others by learning great negotiation skills.

Studies on effective negotiators show that most negotiators all have similar qualities and characteristics. What are they?

Negotiation Skills Are [...]


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