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To the Next Level
Discover the importance of reflection.

Inventor and philosopher Buckminster Fuller suggested the importance of living your life in "day-tight" compartments. By completing each day saying, "This I want to keep, and this I release," you unburden your brain, freeing it for creativity and the clear pursuit of your goals.

Do your days just seem to run together in one unending blur?

Or, do you look back and review your day to gain [...]


To the Next Level
How to use your membership to help weather the storm.

In a recent survey, business management company MYOB took the pulse of the NZ business community and presented surprising results. Their Business Monitor Survey looked at over 1000 Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) business owners and operators, from sole traders to mid-sized companies, representing the major industry sectors. Over half expect an economic turn for the worse.

Specifically, 51% of those SMEs interviewed believe the economy [...]


To the Next Level
Why prospective members should interview chapters.

Starting a potential BNI member on the right path can begin even before the visitor comes to their first meeting. Yes, we can encourage them to visit the BNI website. And of course we can invite them to our personal chapter meeting. But in addition to that, we can urge them to do a little personal interviewing before they become a BNI member. Here are [...]


To the Next Level
How to move through the unpleasant tasks.

Do you truly know what motivates you?

Studies show that people who are motivated by results are more likely to succeed than those who are motivated by activities. That’s because the motivation to achieve a desired result helps overcome any unpleasant tasks that may have to be performed.

Have you ever avoided high-priority tasks because they were unpleasant? Many people turn to easier low-priority activities. Procrastinating on [...]


To the Next Level
Why attitude in networking makes all the difference.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had the rare opportunity to take my kids to the theater.  We don’t go often due to the cost, but the whole family was excited to see the movie, Tomorrowland.   There is a line in the movie that says something to this effect:

"There are two wolves, one bright, hopeful and generous, the other dark, cynical and angry. Which wolf wins? Whichever one [...]


To the Next Level
It’s about differences and not deficiencies.

"Round up the usual suspects," the gendarme ordered in the famous line from the movie Casablanca. And frequently, that is how executives think when they create teams, committees, or task forces. The boss says or thinks something like, "Let's appoint anyone who might know something about this issue." Or, even more likely, "Grab anybody who's got a stake in this thing."

Organizations, of course, love such groups. [...]


To the Next Level
And make time for what’s important.

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”
– William Penn
Lack of time is the number one reason people cite for their failure to exercise, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine. It’s also why so many people fail to achieve their business dreams and goals.

It becomes an excuse that causes us to abandon our capacity and ability up front. Why engage [...]


To the Next Level
4 steps to challenge your current reality for a more profitable tomorrow.

How do you get more customers willing to pay you more than they do now? The answer: With an offer that's so valuable that they can't say no.

Some call this kind of proposition a "mafia offer," because it's an offer your customer or client can't refuse. But creating this kind of offer is not easy. If it were, everyone would do it.

Here’s how I helped [...]


To the Next Level

Writing a good speech is an art. The speaker’s goal is to create a message that captures mind, body, spirit, and leaves the audience craving more. When crafting a memorable speech, consider two objectives: make a good impression, and teach the audience at least one new thing. Everything else is entertainment. Here are ten points that are proven to steal the show…and keep them talking [...]


To the Next Level
2 tips to make sure your goals are met.

Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik discovered that activities that are started but not completed are lodged in our minds and will only disappear from our active memory once they are completed. Incomplete activities—or unmet goals—create dissonance. It’s called the Zeignarnik Effect.

The need to finish something that we started—it is human nature. Yet so many of us toss aside our goals after only a few weeks. Or [...]


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