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‘On the Fast Track’ Articles
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On the Fast Track
Featuring Micki Peak of BNI Olympic Peninsula.

When we see regions where several chapters are doing Fast Track, we like to turn our spotlight on and explore how the program is helping the region stay healthy and strong!

Our spotlight this month is on Micki Peak, Executive Director of BNI Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. When we talked to Micki and listened to her background, we heard a great track record for [...]


On the Fast Track

Here at Fast Track, we always like to do something new and special for BNI members around the International Conference in Long Beach. And, this year is no different! We have just released a whole new level of online support for Fast Track Education Coordinators, Leadership Teams and Members.

Read on for all the details and to get a sneak peek!

Access Everything You Need, When You [...]


On the Fast Track
Building a better BNI experience for every member

BNI Highrise Connections of San Jose, CA, is a chapter with an eye to the future and feet planted solidly on the ground. We chose to spotlight them this month, because they are a great example of a chapter understanding the importance of chapter culture, and that maintaining that culture is a continual process.

This chapter enhanced their culture first by laying a strong foundation with [...]


On the Fast Track

For many chapters, fall brings a change of Leadership Teams. Even for chapters that don’t transition leadership, this time of year brings an opportunity for teams to revitalize and get fired up for the last half of their term!

We have seen many Leadership Teams benefit from being on Fast Track, so we are focusing this article just on Leadership Teams and outlining exactly what Fast [...]


On the Fast Track
Recent testimonials from BNI members, Director Consultants & Executive Directors.

Because we get so many requests for testimonials from members, Director Consultants and Executive Directors, we decided to compile some in an article for easy access! This is a great page to share with other members if you and your chapter are considering Fast Track.

If you’re doing or have done Fast Track, and you want to add your two cents (or three cents!) just click [...]


On the Fast Track

Austin 360 has been a BNI chapter for 11 ½ years, and they had always hovered around 25 members. But, says their Education Coordinator Keith Powell, that was BEFORE FAST TRACK! On our Fast Track Friday call June 12, Keith joined us to talk about Austin 360 AFTER Fast Track.

First off, the chapter is now at 32 members! What that means for them is that [...]


On the Fast Track

BNI Networking Pioneers in New Paltz, New York started off as a chapter 14 years ago.  New Paltz is a smallish community that is creative and artsy. The chapter membership levels have remained consistent over time, although they are somewhat small for their longevity, and the chapter still has some founding members in it.

They, like many chapters we work with, have created great Social VCP [...]


On the Fast Track
How your chapter can use Fast Track even if it’s healthy.

BNI Escondido was a “good” BNI chapter. They did all the right things. They had committed long-term members who understood BNI processes. And they had a great track record. The chapter was founded in October of 2000, and today they have 40 members.

The question is why would a good BNI chapter need Fast Track? The answer: Because they wanted to go from good to GREAT! [...]


On the Fast Track
No More BNI Lite – Onward to 50!

BNI Park Power Connections in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada epitomizes what a difference a year can make for a chapter—especially when you are on the Fast Track.

They launched in April 2008. The chapter had slow but steady growth until 2011, when suddenly membership dropped to only 19. However, they quickly recovered and climbed back up to 36 members, where they lingered for a while.

You might [...]


On the Fast Track
Does your chapter speak the same language?

Often when chapters consider starting the Fast Track program, they wonder how and why it works. After all, members have all gone to MSP and learned about the BNI processes – so everyone knows what they should be doing to succeed in BNI. Right?

We’ve discovered that when chapters learn and train together, rather than simply getting the information on their own, the chapter thrives in [...]


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