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Art of Networking
How prepping for a referral opportunity makes all the difference.

I live in a historic…well, really just an old, house. Built in 1920, our home challenges us weekly with quirky things that are the result of many different people living and working on this house over the years. This summer, I decided that I wanted to paint the exterior of my abode, so I spent some time with my husband picking out colors and trying [...]


Art of Networking
Like any valued relationship, what you give is what you get.

What is the value of my BNI membership?

When we ask ourselves that question, we might think of the amount of money our business generated from BNI referrals. Like any relationship however, your membership is a two-way street. The amount of business you receive is directly related to the value you add. This is the very essence of Giver’s Gain® and embodies not just the number [...]


Art of Networking
How member attrition can lead to a healthier chapter.

A forest fire is one of nature’s most exhilarating and traumatic events. Whether by a single bolt of lightning or a long-smoldering leaf pile, what starts as an ember can rapidly grow into an insatiable beast of smoke and flame. Where once a vast expanse of trees harbored wildlife of all types, now there is only wasteland.

We easily lament such loss – a forest fire [...]


Art of Networking
Take a relaxed, natural approach at hospitality events.

While working as a business professional, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to dine out on the generosity of associates. It’s easy to feel caught between a rock and a hard place at these events. It’s considered bad form to run around to your fellow guests, handing out your business cards and exchanging elevator pitches, but your colleagues and bosses expect justification for the time [...]


Art of Networking
For results, complete your BNI Connect profile

Before I get fired, allow me to quickly explain the title of this article. BNI doesn’t work because we are generally not using it to its full capacity. I partner with an online referral company that sends me referrals. I explained to them how BNI and BNI Connect work. When they need a contractor in a town where they don’t have a partner they call [...]


Art of Networking
5 ways BNI sets itself apart.

Why choose BNI over other networking groups? I have been asked this question thousands of times over the years. I have a stock answer to that question. (The only part of my answer that has changed over the years concerns the details of the numerous advancements that BNI has made to the art and science of referral-based marketing.)

BNI has an internationally recognized brand name. Do [...]


Art of Networking
Tips for delivering a message referral partners will remember.

We usually know exactly what we are thinking. But sometimes, our words don’t match our thoughts. What we say doesn’t help us reach our goals.

We know our business, our products and our services like the backs of our hands. It's what we live. We get it.  In many cases, the referral partners in your network are not on the same level.  They aren't dancing to [...]


Art of Networking

Imagine the most successful networker in your chapter: the member who has passed the most referrals. He or she is the member everyone wants to have a one-to-one with because, chances are, a referral will follow.

Now imagine you’re an invisible witness to one of their one-to-ones. What are they uniquely doing? What makes their strategy successful? How do they carry themselves? What questions do [...]


Art of Networking
Turn the conversational focus from “I” to “You.”

A longtime friend of BNI, Sam Horn is an expert at conversation—which is essential to great networking. Sam mentioned BNI in her book Pop!, and Ivan is excited to personally recommend her new book Got Your Attention? Here she shares her best advice for becoming an intriguing conversationalist so you develop meaningful relationships.

“Maybe everybody in the whole world is scared of each other.” – author [...]


Art of Networking
4 tips to serve up results.

The other day I bought an avocado at the store.  I carefully selected one that looked ripe. A few days later I cut open that avocado, confident it would be perfect with our Mexican dinner.

Alas, it was still hard inside, even though from the outside it looked fully ripe.  While I served half of it with our meal, it was unsatisfying and didn’t have the [...]


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