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‘BNI Recommends’ Articles

BNI encourages its members to continually engage in personal and professional development.

For this reason we occasionally recommend books, audio CDs, and seminars to our members.

Here are our latest recommendations.

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BNI Recommends
A BNI strategic partner.

Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals: Put Duct Tape Marketing to work for your business.

Duct Tape Marketing® is the first small business marketing program that treats marketing as an integrated system. At the core of the system is a series of steps and strategies, in various stages that any business, regardless of size, can use to finally produce stunning returns from a consistent marketing effort. [...]


BNI Recommends
Endorsed by Dr. Misner.

The expanded edition of The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann, just arrived at the bookstores. To increase the value for their readers, the authors added a new discussion guide, author Q&A, introduction, and forward. Dr. Ivan Misner recommends it to all BNI members.

Read excerpts from The Go-Giver below:

“I believe that a person can reach a certain level of success without being particularly [...]


BNI Recommends
Get access to Brian and his expertise starting at only $1.

Learn how to increase your sales, pump up your profitability, and immediately maximize your effectiveness in business and life!

Business Growth Strategies, powered by Brian Tracy International (BGS), is a membership-based learning program for anyone looking to improve their business and/or personal life. You can explore up to 250 riveting video lessons in Business Success, Sales Management, Leadership and Personal Success.

Brian Tracy built Business Growth Strategies [...]


BNI Recommends
The urban myth busted and how to become part of the six degrees.

Dr. Ivan Misner is often asked what he finds to be the most effective way to grow a business network.

In this video, Dr. Misner does the opposite. He explains why a popular networking theory will not automatically help get you connected, and offers advice on how you can maximize the likelihood that it will.

So often in networking, people reference the Six Degrees of Separation theory, [...]


BNI Recommends
The work you do will make or break the success of your BNI chapter.

This video is a message to BNI Leadership Teams in every part of the world.

If you are serving on your chapter's Leadership Team, make sure to carve out five minutes to watch this informative and inspiring video so you can start your Leadership Team term ready to position your chapter for success. No one is more important to the success of a BNI chapter than [...]


BNI Recommends
Sign up today. It’s free.

Here is a video from Dr. Misner to new BNI members on why they should attend Member Success Program Training. Dr. Misner says, “Go! Go to Training.”

MSP Training will teach you the basics of how to build your business in the BNI program. BNI members who go to training are much more likely to be successful. Sign up today. It’s free.

Watch the MSP video now.


BNI Recommends
Achieve networking success by giving and contributing.

Richard Rierson recently interviewed Dr. Misner on the top-rated iTunes podcast, “Dose of Leadership.” In this podcast, Dr. Misner talks about his unique philosophy of adding value to others’ lives through Givers Gain.

Listen HERE.



BNI Recommends
Referral Institute talks with Dr. Misner.

Recently, Dr. Misner posted a video in which he and his friends at the Referral Institute® offered their individual thoughts on creating a truly amazing business.  Today, Dr. Misner discusses what it takes to create a spectacular life.

Watch the video now to learn how each speaker views the keys to establishing the ideal life you always envisioned for yourself.  They also offer specific, actionable steps you can take toward achieving [...]


BNI Recommends
Stop existing and START LIVING!

Have you read Passion in Action by Ronald Kern? Ivan and Beth Misner have both endorsed Ron’s book, which includes a chapter about both of them.

Dr. Ivan Misner says, "Ron understands how other people’s positive stories can inspire us to make improvements in our own lives. Reading Passion in Action will encourage you like you have been needing to be encouraged for a long time!”

Jack [...]


BNI Recommends
Go beyond making them feel welcomed.

Mike Macedonio shares his thoughts on making BNI guests feel more than just welcomed by also making them feel wanted.

Watch this video as Mike welcomes you to his dinner table. He says, “It’s more than implying that they are invited. You must personally invite guests to BNI.”


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