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A look at the numbers proves Hungary’s networking success.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure!

This key idea defined the focus of the National Networking Conference, which was organized on the 28th of October, 2015, in Budapest, Hungary. Entrepreneurs who attended this Hungarian networking event of the year had the chance to listen to exciting case studies and interesting business success stories.

The 7th National Networking Conference included:

- almost 700 company owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs

- [...]


On October 28th the BNI Boost chapter in the East Rand BNI region, held a successful visitor/open day. The chapter has 26 members and 65 visitors were in attendance. 56 referrals were passed, 45 1-to-1 meetings were reported and closed business of R 128,495.00 was recorded.

Congratulations to BNI Boost, and Joleen and Mariette Jacobs for their hard work supporting the members at BNI Boost chapter.




The Chang Zhan chapter wrote a bit of BNI history in October, becoming the first chapter in Taiwan to hit 100 members.

Announcing the news, National Director Jihong Hall said, “It is an incredible achievement by all of the Chang Zhan members who have worked so hard to place their chapter as the third largest in the world. It is no surprise that this is also [...]


Brian Allman, President of BNI Mile High and Financial Advisor for Edwards Jones, was recently invited to the small screen to discuss the efforts of the Hayek Group. Along with Tim Duvall, he joined Arianna Bennett on KTVN's 2 News segment, “Face the State.”

Brian is the VP of Sponsorship for the Hayek Group. This important organization focuses on financial literacy in high schools. This new, [...]


The BNI Bethlehem 1 chapter of the BNI Delaware Valley Regions used Halloween as their October 28th meeting stimulant. The theme was The Wizard of Oz. Members came in costume and used the theme in their 30 second presentations.

Pictured are President Frank "the lion" Toth, Vice President Jessica "Dorothy" Davis, Education Coordinator Jay "the tin man" Arancio, and Secretary/Treasurer Jim "the scarecrow" Mintzer.


Dr. Ivan Misner sent a personal video message to the UK BNI Dolphin chapter congratulating them on their success. The group reached an impressive milestone; £2 million business passed between them since it was set up less than five years ago. Dr. Misner told the group, “I’m very proud of you. Keep up the great work!”

Recently, Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard featured an article on this [...]


Three members from Nevada chapters make Givers Gain a priority.

Three BNI members, belonging to three different Northern Nevada chapters, took giving to remarkable new heights. They demonstrated that the professional and astute members in BNI understand the importance of giving to the community they live in.
Anthony Lucido (Reno Elite) and Vinnie Lucido (Mile High) are owners of CoAuto in Reno. Sam Hardt (Noon Networkers) developed Red Wagon Network.  The three got together with the [...]


and improve the BNI member experience.

Mark Stough, the executive director of BNI SW Florida, wanted to develop a visual to help chapter members improve their BNI experience for both themselves and visitors. He realized that members have the ability to inflate or deflate the experience of those around them. If chapters inflated the member experience, everyone would benefit. Therefore, he came up with "Inflators."

Mark printed a bunch of balloons with [...]


On October 28, 2015, BNI Hungary hosted their National Networking Conference, the largest business networking event in Hungary.

The conference included international and domestic case studies and presentations about the power and measurability of networking. BNI Hungary hosted this successful event in Budapest.

To learn more about the event, watch their video here.


BNI Portugal made history today. They brought the year's value over €85m! Terry Hamill was present to witness the Thank You for Invoiced Business of €3.6m. Don’t miss BNI Intuição's exciting video found on their Facebook page.  (Scroll down the page to find the video.)



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