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From the Founder
Why you must become a leader worth following.

What’s the difference between leaders who inspire a high level of employee engagement—and those who struggle to get people to simply do the bare minimum that their jobs require?

The secret lies in knowing how to lead from the heart outwards.

Successful leaders inspire their team by communicating their vision in a way that not only generates excitement, but also motivates others to jump on board with [...]


From the Founder
Figure this out to fulfill your personal and professional dreams.

This is an excerpt from my new book written with Brennan Scanlon entitled, Avoiding the Networking Disconnect. It can be viewed at

There has probably been someone in your life – a coach, grandparent, teacher, aunt, or spiritual mentor – who’s made a difference for you. It may have been when you were young (it generally is) – it may have been recently. It may [...]


From the Founder
How BNI Central Texas joined the movement.

What happens when BNI members pull together to invest in their community’s children? More than you can imagine, especially under the scope of BNI’s Business Voices.

The BNI Foundation has created an initiative called Business Voices as part of our “cause marketing” campaign.  We believe that businesses can have a voice in what happens in local communities.  Business Voices is a program that helps support local [...]


From the Founder

You want a return on your investment in BNI?  Thoughtful engagement is the answer. Engagement is an absolutely critical step in the networking process.  It involves a promise and an action.  In order to achieve success with your fellow members, you must promise to support one another, and then you must take the action necessary to fulfill that promise. The only way to do that [...]


From the Founder
Boil it down to vision, goals, passion, persistence, and systems.

Over my career, I have observed people with different personalities, backgrounds, and behavioral styles achieve success in life. Many times I wondered if there was a recurring theme running through their success stories that would clearly illustrate what creates success.

When I was interviewing BNI members for my book Masters of Success, I asked thousands of them what they felt the “secret” to success was. They [...]


From the Founder
How to maximize your referrals.

Specific is terrific when you are engaged in referral marketing and teaching others how to refer you. Don't believe me? Take out a piece of paper and try the following two experiments before you read this entire article:

In 15 seconds, think of five silly things that people have done in the world.  Now, in 15 seconds, think of five silly things your children have done.
In [...]


From the Founder
Know each personality type to network better.

Compatibility, or the lack of it, is not such a mystery.  Both rapport and tension at networking or referral events are rather predictable, once you know what to look for.  Here is the basic principle:  In social networking situations, like behavioral styles attract.  People with similar interests and habits are drawn to one another as friends and acquaintances. There's a sense of satisfaction in knowing [...]


From the Founder
How to become known as networking royalty.

In generating referrals for your business, you are going to want to spend less time with frogs and more time with princes and princesses − and at the same time, make sure that YOU aren’t a “networking frog,” either!

How do you become networking royalty and find other like-minded referral partners, avoiding the amphibians out there? Let me give you some tell-tale signs that you might [...]


From the Founder
It’s not as elusive as you may think it is.

Finding time for family, your business, leisure time and BNI can be challenging.  It’s difficult to do it all.  So, I thought you might like the secret to balance.  Are you ready?  Here it is...

Forget about balance. It’s an illusion.  Balance assumes that we spend an equal amount of time in all or most areas of our life.  It is like the image of the [...]


From the Founder
Training your ear to tune into the needs around you.

Before your BNI meeting, you may be thinking, “Who can I bring a referral to this week?”

I used to be concerned about this regularly until I realized that we are all, each and every day, standing in the middle of referrals. They are all around us – we just aren’t paying enough attention to them. Part of our brain has something called a “reticular activating [...]


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