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‘30 Years: Then and Now’ Articles
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30 Years: Then and Now
Networking skills in action.

When Sanjay Simha's friend and fellow BNI member found himself negatively (and inaccurately) perceived by the company with which his friend desperately wanted to do business, Sanjay put his networking skills and connections to good use. He made a powerful introduction for his friend that resulted in $300,000 in closed business!

"BNI has helped me come in contact with a lot of people and I have [...]


30 Years: Then and Now
How Givers Gain is expressed through its charitable foundation.

After BNI had been in business a number of years, creating a charitable arm came naturally to this organization which has its roots in the philosophy of giving.

Watch this video to learn about BNI's non-profit arm, the BNI Foundation. See what it has contributed over the years, and find out about the current amazing work this group is doing in an effort to benefit children. [...]


30 Years: Then and Now
The reward of contributing.

In light of BNI's 30th anniversary, Director Consultant Courtney Davis talks about how BNI has changed her life for the better and fulfilled her as she is part of something bigger than herself.

Says Courtney, "I am able to spend time with my family, do what I love, and actually contribute—not only to my family but to (my) community—and I couldn't do any of it without [...]


30 Years: Then and Now
It’s about listening and giving.

California-based BNI Director Consultant Mike Adray has changed his life through the Givers Gain® philosophy and completely revamped his business through BNI.

After gaining a significant amount of visibility and credibility as a BNI Ambassador, Mike's business began to grow. Not only that, but BNI changed the way he did business by empowering him to listen to his customers’ needs on a deeper level and offer [...]


30 Years: Then and Now

In this installment of 30 Years of BNI, Dr. Ivan Misner, Frank De Raffele and Hazel Walker discuss their long histories together in BNI.

You've got to hear it to believe it! From trips to the grocery store to writing Business Networking and Sex: Not What You Think, their relationship shows the lasting effect BNI can have.

Click here to watch their story now.




30 Years: Then and Now

Lois Malone, a BNI Area Director based out of Oregon, struggled for years trying to make a living with the business she had started out of her home.

Today, she offers an emotionally charged message of thanks to the BNI organization for building her business into a brick and mortar operation downtown. Now she employs someone to run the back office and an outside sales person [...]


30 Years: Then and Now

Greg Davies, a BNI Director Consultant in California, went from wanting absolutely nothing to do with BNI to realizing that he absolutely had to get some of what he discovered when he reluctantly served as a substitute in a BNI meeting. He wanted to get that feeling and energy that buzzed within each of the chapter's members.

Watch the video now to learn how Greg has [...]


30 Years: Then and Now

In this video, BNI's Founder Ivan Misner reveals the astounding number of referrals passed and business closed among BNI members on a global scale just last year. Would you believe that over $7 billion in closed business passed between members?

Watch the video HERE.





30 Years: Then and Now

Back in 2007, Jean-Michel Steber arrived in Paris searching for new ways to build his business.

Though he had no idea what BNI was, and didn't even know the man who initially invited him to a chapter meeting, he decided to give it a shot.

The second he arrived at the meeting, he found himself amazed by what he saw. He decided BNI was "just brilliant" and [...]


30 Years: Then and Now
A triumphant story of success despite monumental odds

Architect and BNI Senior Director Consultant Runjhun Gupta has risen to remarkable success against all odds.

Though it is not the norm for women in India to go into business, Runjhun was not deterred. Even after her family forbade her to start a business and then kicked her out of the house for daring to follow her entrepreneurial dream, she strove forward.

With zero finance and no [...]


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